MeRIT | Method Reporting with Initials for Transparency

Welcome to MeRIT (Method Reporting with Initials for Transparency)

Now published in Nature Communications
To see the MeRIT system in action, head over to Examples.

Below you will see a diagram illustrating how a combination of CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy) and MeRIT (Method Reporting with Initials for Transparency) can make author contributions clearer and more granular than CRediT alone:

merit figure 1
A) Without CRediT and MeRIT, one can only assume the first and/or last author would have written the text.

B) With CRediT, you can clarify some of the tasks the authors did but not all tasks, especially methodological ones.

C) When both CRediT and MeRIT are used together, all author contributions are easily identifiable.